Monday, 10 June 2013

Exeter to yatton

Total miles today 79 total ascent today 1169 metres.

Today's ride started from the globe backpacker hostel under grey cold skies. I hadn't slept again due to the level of snoring in the dormitory room and I could easy have just crashed out on the sofa, but that's not why I do this, so it was onto the bike and out.
Today was cold, so it was more s question of let's just get on with it. The route had less climbing than the last two days, but it managed to save the biggest climb until last!
The ride had a mixture of A roads, B roads, and cycle paths. Navigating the cycle paths proved to be a nightmare around taunton. The GPS took us about two miles down a very rough dirt track and dumped us in a cornfield, all courtesy of the national cycle route more cycle paths from now on I'm sticking to the roads, fast traffic or not. Luckily no punctures or bike damage and eventually after much colorful language on my part we finally escaped taunton.
I had to ignore the GPS route for thus section and just navigate own instincts, which eventually proved the right thing to do.
Along the way we got flagged down by some silly woman who wanted us to find a friend in a blue astra who was lost..seriously, how many blue cars are there ??
We pulled into a Texaco garage and asked to fill up our water bottles. The woman at the counter went out of her way to be difficult and wins my award for miserable old hag of the day. Take a bow Texaco.
Once again the wind was a feature of the day, but it did get behind us at times. I didn't take many pictures today because most of the time I was navigating our way out of taunton!
Riding whilst looking at the small Garmin screen is a skill in itself. It is far to easy to get distracted from the road when figuring out where to go as I ride.
I enjoyed the first two days better, mostly because of the better scenery, which seems to have gone for a while.
Having found a bike shop by complete accident I took the chance to get the bottom bracket and cranks tightened again.
The guy in the shop had done lejog riding 120 miles a day. Well done him but why???
Tonight's dwelling is the hotel in nort road yatton. I still can't remember its name although kev told me at least five times on the way in to town. Finally a young lady was asked directions and the GPS is on the sin bin for tonight.
I'm sitting in the hotel bar in my cycle kit, getting the usual looks from the ladies, and laughs from their guys who arnt happy with the clear threat a lycra clad Adonis presents to them lol!
I did take an energy gel on the ride today, towards the end of the ride, then we arrived and now I'm wired!
There is a big hole in the floor of the bathroom here. I told the young lady on reception, but they weren't aware.
As usual after a ride I am hungry. But I am putting on weight, so I should go easy I guess.
So....made it up bristol way! Yay!

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  1. Ice Cream!! Ice cream!! Well done sounds a tough day!! : ) elf