Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fowey to Exeter

Today started well with a good breakfast and sunny skies. I was really tired after almost no sleep courtesy of the snoring last night but once on the bike all was good. We rode along following the GPS until the GPS decided it was lost. Wonderful lanes became a fast a road and then it became clear that thst a road wasn't even on the Garmin map. So an almost vertical climb up an embankment through stinging nettles became the order of the moment.
Let it not be said that a mere forest of nettles and brambles got on the way of this intrepid pair of cyclists.

The wind today was constantly against me. After 50 miles battling against it my legs decided to take haven in kevs wind shadow for a while and I hit the aero bars. I was tired and the hills here continue to be steep, or 'lumpy' as seems the local term.
Crossing into Devon from Cornwall after crossing the Tamar horse bridge was a lovely ride. The lanes, wild flowers and scenery were all perfect.
The little villAges here are wonderful and I  couldn't help thinking how lucky people here are, with there easy going life style.
I had a chat with an artist painting his house like a field of sheep, and met a young girl no more than 9 who had just cycled from lands end with her grandad!  We stopped at the horse and hounds pub, the same pub I lunched at two days ago!
The endless grinding up sharp steep climbs gave me the arseache..literally as I was in the saddle all the way mostly.
Finally the globe back packer hostel appeared and here I sit typing in a small hostel full of travelling people from all over the place.
Total distance today 75 miles total ascent 2026m.

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