Wednesday, 5 June 2013

So that ruck sack is to heavy...this mornings ride on the wind had me cursing ...which is of course something I never do! Anyway I ended up at the bike shop and bought a top tube bag to stash some energy gells. I've never used them before but thought I may try some out on this trip. That took some weight off my back and onto the bike. I also ditched a base layer and some arm warmers, my glasses case and the travel towel bag ( keeping the towel).
I dug out my old aero bars and fitted them. I'm in two minds about these things. I feel a little unstable riding with them and a ruck sack. But they do help against a head wind. They add some weight to the bike but it's negligible given the extra drag of the rucksack and one rather large jockey.
I've got some electrolyte drink tabs to make up my own Gatorade style drinks, so as the ride progresses they will occupy less space.
I'm tempted to leave my overshoes behind as well, as its sunny here today. However I'm sure there will be colder wetter weather along the way so I'll take them.
Thank you for the texts wishing me good luck all!

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