Thursday, 13 June 2013

The bunkhouse Chester

This hostel is ok. Friendly welcome, warm , clean with a small yard chill out area outside and a lounge tv area etc.
It's also the first place on this trip with WiFi in the room.
The bunks are a bit wobbly though!
At 2am the  drunk elephant motorbike people arrived into the dorm..light on ..talking loudly...absolutely no consideration for anyone but themselves, so o took out my ear plugs, and told them to keep it down and turn off the light etc. That did the trick and they shut up and tried to squeeze their less than trim physiques into their's 7 am now..I'm.going to get up as quiet as poss and maybe they will realise what courtesy means...doubt it though...

...dunno..maybe it's a polish motorbiker thing...peasantry?


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