Monday, 27 May 2013

The last two days here have been I've taken advantage of it and been out on Celeste for a couple of training loops IRO of 45 miles each. I headed up to Pulborough from the coast and rode back up Bury hill and past Arundel castle. This is a loop I know well and has a mixture of fast A roads, small lanes, flats, hills, bigger hills and of course the ever present coastal winds around here. I loaded up my small rucksack (a lidl special with a nice new Hump high vis cover) and set off with the exact same gear I intend to ride the Le Jog with.
Each loop took me about 2hrs 30mins and an average speed IRO 16-7mph which isn't to terrible, although I do feel slow compared to some roadies I see out there....hmm...but I have a lot of 'excuses'...they are all half my age, weight, size...they all are fired up on energy drinks, they have more expensive lighter bikes and the fact that they are just fitter has nothing to do with it lol!
The new chain and cassette are slipping badly on the hills...not it's back to the bike shop in the morning.
I learn't that road bike cables often cross under the down tube, new one on me, but there you go!

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