Friday, 24 May 2013

Well that was a mistake...checking the weather forcast today!

I am convincing myself that all this rubbish weather (coldest spring in 30 years here) will work it's way out before June.  The south of England seems to be getting the brunt of it right now. Frankly the weather in this part of the world is a big reason why I no longer want to be in this part of the world, but the sun WILL shine soon!

Celeste (my Bianchi bike) is in the bike shop getting serviced ready for the ride. So I'm riding around on Shinto (my tourer and the bike I rode across America on) to the shops in the rain and wind, a far cry from the Rocky mountains, the vastness of Montanna, the emptiness of Southern Wyoming, the heat of Kansas etc ! Shinto my friend, you deserve more, and your day will come again!

I was lucky enough to receive a very generous free hi vis hump rucksack cover from a rider on Cycle chat recently. There are nice generous people out there still and I thank you kind sir for being one of them.

This will be my first tour using a rucksack instead of panniers. I hope it won't affect my back too much. I've ridden a few 40 milers with it and its ok over that distance but who knows over longer rides with heavier loads, I suppose I will find out!

As sit here I can here people outside going about there business, the neighbour is in full swing as usual complaining about everything to everyone, the news has the usual endless bombardment of bad news with a decapitation on londons streets thrown in to lighten the tone, and I wonder what the hell is happening to the human race. People here just seem to revel in their misery, they seem never satisfied and eager to create problems and conflict where non exists. Why? All they need to do is relax, look at this world from another perspective, get outside more, maybe ride a bike? There is a whole world out there people and you are missing it!

Can you tell?...I'm itching to leave them all behind, get out of here and ride!!

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  1. Hi Rolf, great start to Le Jog, will be great to keep up with your travels. Hope you have a comfy bed to rest your weary bones in this evening. All the best, Cuz! Elaine x