Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day one kicks off at lands end i am once Again at the start of a ride across a country...only this time it's my own one. This is the sign book at the start of the le jog ride at lands end.
As I set off it was freezing...I mean so cold my hands were numb. Then the rain and wind...and I was starting to
But ...onwards and upwards as they say and I set off into to the tempest.
The ride past st.Michaels mount was on a gritty path, not really suited to roadbikes. The grit and sand got everywhere and kev had a puncture. Punctures in cold rain are not fun.
But soon we were on our way. The sun forced a way through and all was good. The ride progressed under blue skies and bright sunshine. This area is beautiful, I could live here easy. The king harry ferry was fun. The houses and the villages are wonderful. The Jefferies are full of wild flowers and life is good on a bike here.
I saw a sign saying fresh muscles at the pub, they were fresh too as the guy was just collecting them from the river on front of me.
The hills here are very steep, and the downhill don't allow you to let go of the brakes for fear of potholes and cars coming around the bends.
After yesterday's bike repairs by john in st.just Celeste ran fine through all these lovely small lanes. No big roads today, lots of winding country lanes.
We put on our signing armour suits to help two damasels In distress with a stuck chain, then headed on to the golant hostel. Today's ride was 76 miles of hilly countryside and a perfect first days ride.
I have bought a WiFi card at the hostel as there is nowhere here with free wi fi.
Dinner tonight was a big burger ans chips overlooking the river.
Think I need to wash my stuff as well as my bike as I'm starting to smell ...rather dodgy !
Hope I sleep better tonight, last night's snorefest had me yawning on the ride.
We arrived at the hostel over two hours ahead of the big group who left an hour before us.
So all in all things are really good!!

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