Saturday, 8 June 2013


Tonight I'm sleeping up in the attic dormitory . The golant hostel is huge, and finding the room took ages! It felt a little odd not to have to put up a tent when I got here . I must say I prefer it this way!

For those who want go cycle here you may as well eat off the hostel menu. The nearest shop is about 2 miles away and it was closed at 3 pm Saturday. There is a bar here as well. Nice hostel to end a days ride at.
The hostels provide bedding and the showers etc are clean and modern.

As I type the big group of cyclists are changing their route tomorrrow to closer follow where I will ride tomorrow, apparently going right through Dartmoor is very hilly so the route around the top seems to make more sense, especially after today's constant climbing.
I've ordered the requisite full English breakfast with as much food as I can get! It's a good deal at £4.99 and if its as good as this mornings it's worth every penny.
Today on the bike I was happy, there was so much to see. This part of England is defiantly worth a visit, but to do it justice its best on a bike. I doubt the car drivers can see as much of the scenery because the lanes are protected by raised hedge rows. On a bike you see so much.more.

I haven't needed to use the energy gels I bought yet and given the constant steep climbs today over 76 miles that's a surprise.

Tomorrows route ends in Exeter. The yha hostel there is closed so it's off to the globe backpackers hostel. It's a similar distance to today.

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