Saturday, 8 June 2013

The cycle tour gods sent a bike.mechanic the bike's a good omen so early in the trip! The chain suddenly stopped shifting up the the larger front chain ring. Thought it was a cable not stretched in properly, but no joy. The nearest bike shop was back on Penzance, where I had just come from. I had tried all i knew. Then suddenly john Nash arrived ...a qualified bike mechanic! John identified the issue as a loose bottom bracket . This could have been very dangerous, anyway we walked back to his bike workshop in st. Just and got it up on a stand and fixed it.

So if any cyclists staying in an around st.just , lands end, need a good mechanic, and a mobile one at that then make a note of John's number.


Then it was back to the hostel for boab pasta especial...and a nice chat with other travellers, cyclists, back packers and a nice lady who is running 40 miles at 4 am tomorrow!

The sun  is setting here overvthe sea, and rabbits are playing on the grass in the hostel garden.

Wi fi is an issue so far, so I have to store blog posts in my phone until I get WiFi to upload them.

It is hilly here, very hilly, lots of short sharp climbs. The hostel is clean tidy friendly and an ideal first night before the off in the morning.

I've ordered the biggest breakfast in the kitchen for the morning!

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